Primary Prevention

Primary Prevention:
Prevention of disease BEFORE it occurs.

Risk factors for Coronary Heart Disease:

Stress management is important in Primary Prevention of CHD.

Universal Healing Program (UHP) has an important role to play in stress management, and freedom from addiction.

Fasting blood sample for CBC, Lipid Profile, SGPT, Sugar, HBA1C, TSH Coronary calcium score, with CT Scan X‐ray of chest, without injection of a dye, gives a fair estimate of beginning of atheromatous changes in coronary arteries.

LDL cholesterol is recommended as the primary goal in lipid analysis for screening and risk assessment, as well as target for treatment.

Control of culprit LDL‐C through adequate dose of statin has reduced the incidence of heart attack, stroke and the complications of diabetes a great deal. In case of strong family history if LDL–C is kept below 70, (Lower the better), triglycerides lose their strength as risk factor.