Health Education Pamphlets

A Doctor with a Mission (English version)
Diabetes(Gujarati version)
Cholesterol(Gujarati version)
Anger(Gujarati version)
Obesity(Gujarati version)
Heart Attack(Gujarati version)
High Blood Pressure(Gujarati version)
Salt(Gujarati version)
Healthy Longevity(English version)
Shavasna Key to Health and Bliss(English version)
Chalvanu Vignan(Gujarati version)
Universal Healing Programme (UHP)(Gujarati version)
Letter to Medical Fraternity(English version)
Chapter Lifestyle Changes in Management of CHD(English version)
Heart Attack Atakavo (New)(Gujarati version)
CHD ni Chikitsa ma Ketlik Gersamaj (New)(Gujarati version)