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Dr. Kapadia has authored eight books in English, eight in Gujarati and two in Hindi on the Universal Healing Programme. One book in Hindi has been compiled from the first three books. Second Hindi book is the translation of the eighth book on Shavasana. These are:

All these books are published by Navjivan Publishing House, Founded by Mahatma Gandhi.

Prevention of Heart Attack

The book deals with recent trends in research on prevention of heart attack.

Research continues to show strong connections between consciousness, spirituality and health. UHP has for a decade been at the forefront in applying these insights to the benefit of humanity.

Shavasana - Key to Health and Bliss

The book on shavasana exemplifies the technique and usefulness of this ancient yogic discipline.

One of the most important intersections of ancient wisdom and modern science is meditation, as represented by the application of shavasana and the UHP project under the direction of Dr. Ramesh Kapadia. As this venture reaches its tenth anniversary, I would like to express my sincerest admiration for the courage and vision embodied in this programme. It is consistent with the best of modern scientific medicine and exemplifies the future direction of healing.