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Dr. Kapadia has authored eight books in English, eight in Gujarati and two in Hindi on the Universal Healing Programme. One book in Hindi has been compiled from the first three books. Second Hindi book is the translation of the eighth book on Shavasana. These are:

All these books are published by Navjivan Publishing House, Founded by Mahatma Gandhi.

Spinning One's own Health

This book deals with the basic tools a person has with him all the time to harness his inner strength to its fullest. It is amazing how simple and easy-to-do techniques of yoga explained at length in this book bring about the creation of health. No less than ten thousand patients over a period of ten years have substantiated this claim. We feel confident, the reader will get some insight as to how he can spin his own health by studying this book. Especially the themes - " Present Moment ", " One-Minute Meditation ", " Abdominal Brain " and " Creation of Health " will prove to be of great interest and help to the reader.

As you enter your eighth year of service at Universal Healing, my thoughts turn to the tremendous contributions you have made. You have brought together a physical, mental, and spiritual approach into a literal cure for heart disease, one of humankinds major afflictions

Heart To Heart

Heart to Heart is a dialogue clarifying various concepts on Coronary Heart Disease.

In your programme, combining the best of scientific and spiritual insights, you continue to show the way to the medicine of the future. In the future, when the history of healing in India is written, Universal Healing will occupy a high place.