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Dr. Kapadia has authored eight books in English, eight in Gujarati and two in Hindi on the Universal Healing Programme. One book in Hindi has been compiled from the first three books. Second Hindi book is the translation of the eighth book on Shavasana. These are:

All these books are published by Navjivan Publishing House, Founded by Mahatma Gandhi.

Heart Disease - A New Direction

The book describes how a sense of isolation results in coronary heart disease, and how with the help of our ancient Yogic discipline one can find an antidote to isolation.

Heart Disease : Science and Spirituality

This book puts forth the role of science and spirituality in the treatment of coronary heart disease.

I know of no other programme which captures so authentically the essence of healing- the harmony of body, mind and spirit. While the programme wisely honours the sprit, it does not reject the physical. In medicine, we the need the insights of the intellect and the fruits of technology and the best spiritual wisdom as well.