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Dr. Kapadia has authored eight books in English, eight in Gujarati and two in Hindi on the Universal Healing Programme. One book in Hindi has been compiled from the first three books. Second Hindi book is the translation of the eighth book on Shavasana. These are:

All these books are published by Navjivan Publishing House, Founded by Mahatma Gandhi.

Primer Of Universal Healing

The book is an inspiring spin-off of the Universal Healing Programme.

The Universal Healing Programme motivates the participants to be free from addictions and to become vegetarian. The technique of shavasana and meditation - as explained in this book - is very simple, yet quite effective. It has a solid scientific basis and can be practised by anyone.

The healing that follows is not limited to the coronary arteries but occurs in the person as a whole. The radio-interview published in this book brings out the role of Yoga in treatment of coronary heart disease and other stress related illnesses like arthritis, colitis, acidity, hypertension and some skin diseases.

"In my opinion you are on a true path that shall lead to a form of medicine more glorious than any previously known to the human race. I shall continue to think of your programme as a star burning brightly in the East, whose brilliance becomes stronger each day."

Wealth of Food - Health of Heart

The book constitutes a break with the conventional approach to dieting and opens up a new way for the patients of heart disease to enjoy good health without losing in any way the joy of eating.

The Universal Healing approach to treating heart disease is inherently nonviolent and gentle by nature. This noninvasive, nonsurgical approach has been proved not only to stop the disease but actually reverse it.