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Dr. Kapadia has authored eight books in English, eight in Gujarati and two in Hindi on the Universal Healing Programme. One book in Hindi has been compiled from the first three books. Second Hindi book is the translation of the eighth book on Shavasana. These are:

All these books are published by Navjivan Publishing House, Founded by Mahatma Gandhi.

Hridayrog Sarvangi Abhigam

The Hridayrog Sarvangi Abhigam

Total Health is superb -- a succinct distillation of wisdom that will have great appeal to your intended audience of busy, stressed young people. It is essential to reach the below-25 generation, because the habits they develop will yield either health or disease as they mature. In the U.S., most young people seem to think they are invulnerable, and that preventive health measures do not apply to them. As you know, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Total Health captures the essence of UHP — a brilliant blend of spirituality, consciousness, and practicality that is necessary for true and enduring health across a lifetime. Like all valid spiritual wisdom, its hallmarks are brevity and simplicity. It is a splendid achievement. May Total Health be widely seen as the national treasure it is, and may it add to the health of not just India but the world.