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Dr. Ramesh I Kapadia
MRCP (Cardiology), FRCP (Edin.)
Dr. Ramesh I Kapadia, MRCP (cardiology) FRCP (Edin.), a distinguished Professor of Medicine and a successful consultant, combines the wisdom of East and knowledge of mainstream western medicine; a rare combination of a physician and a philosopher. Ever since he started practicing cardiology in 1964, Dr. Kapadia was seeking an affordable successful approach to the complex problem of Coronary Heart Disease. He came to know of Dr. Dean Ornish's programme in the management of CHD in 1991. He started Universal Healing Programme for Coronary Heart Disease at Ahmedabad on October 2, 1991. Since that time thousands of patients have participated in his programme. The Programme not only heals the coronaries but also heals the individual as a whole so it is called Universal Healing Programme.

He has been widely felicitated for his missionary work. With the background of consulting experience in conventional medicine over a period of more than four decades, Dr. Kapadia looks upon Universal Healing Programme, not as an alternative, but as an essential complementary component, in total management of Coronary Heart Disease. He is the author of eight books about the Universal Healing Programme and its impact on coronary heart disease and life in general. They are published by Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad India, founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1919. Dr. Kapadia has given lectures at many conferences and seminars. He delivered the prestigious Dr. Kempner Memorial Lecture at Duke University, USA in June 1994. He was invited as a Resource Person to deliver a talk on Universal Healing Programme in holistic management of Coronary Heart Disease, at CAMHADD/WHO International Consultative Workshop held at Bangalore, India, in November 2001. He has also published a *paper on his work in prestigious journal, Proceedings of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, UK.

His son, Samir, an interventional cardiologist, Samir's wife Manasvee, an ophthalmologist and daughter, Bina, a lecturer in English literature , her husband Pranav Mehta a software engineer with Intel live in the USA.

R. I. Kapadia, The Conservative Management of Coronary Heart Disease,

Proc. Royal College of Physicians Edin 1997; 27: 554-558

Dr. Ramesh Kapadia has been awarded Adjunct Professorship in centre of Science and Nonviolence of Gujarat Vidyapith founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920.

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Dr. Dhaval A. Doshi
D.M. (Cardiology), M.D. (Medicine)
Dr. Dhaval A. Doshi
D.M. (Cardiology), M.D. (Medicine)

Consultant and Interventional Cardiologist
E-mail: drdoshidhaval@gmail.com, holisticheartcare@gmail.com Mob-9909910435

Current Address:
Holistic Heart Care,
403, Sankalp Square-II,
Near Chirag Motors-Jalaram Crossroads,
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∙ International Observer, Department of Preventive Cardiology, Center for International Medical Education, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, USA. 2017.

∙ Assistant Professor (Cardiology), Department of Cardiology, U. N. Mehta Institute of Cardiology & Research Centre, (Affiliated to B J Medical College), Civil Hospital Campus, Asarva, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. From September 2014-till date.

∙ DM Resident (Cardiology,Gold Medalist) and Senior Registrar, Department of Cardiology, U. N. Mehta institute of cardiology & research Centre, (Affiliated to B J Medical College), Civil Hospital Campus, Asarva, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. July 2011 - July 2014.

. Great interest in primary prevention, rehabilitation and affordable management of patients of Coronary heart disease whose LVEF is 40 or above with medical management and stress management through Universal Healing Program. Such a holistic approach is my commitment for the No. 1 health problem of the Young.

∙ To spread awareness by seminars in relation to Preventive Cardiology amongst general population, various locations in Gujarat.

Great admirer's of Universal Healing Program(UHP)

Dr. Larry Dossey
Dr. Larry Dossey, a seminal thinker of USA, on Mind Body medicine, is the architect of UHP. Following are his remarks about UHP as he witnessed the growth of UHP year after year since 1991. In forward to first publication of UHP, Primer of Universal Healing, he observed prophetically.

"In my opinion you are on a true path that shall lead to a form of medicine more glorious than any previously known to the human race. I shall continue to think of your program as a star burning brightly in the East, whose brilliance becomes stronger each day."

"I know of no other program which captures so authentically the essence of healing‐ the harmony of body, mind and spirit. In medicine, we need the insights of the intellect and the fruits of technology and the best spiritual wisdom as well."

"In your program, combining the best of scientific and spiritual insights, you continue to show the way to the medicine of the future. In the future, when the history of healing in India is written, Universal Healing will occupy a high place."

Dr. E. Murat Tuzcu
Modern medicine with the help of advanced technology found solutions to a lot of problems. Same can't be said about the remedy for spiritual and human aspects of illnesses. It is very rare to find a text that addresses two sides of the coin harmoniously. Dr Ramesh Kapadia, in his easy to read yet comprehensive book touches on all aspects of cardiovascular health with common sense, and insights of a wise expert.

At every chapter, he tells us about the disease states, the available solutions, and shows us the ways to prevent heart disease. But most importantly he teaches us that it is not enough to prevent the onset of disease, we should strive to prevent the very occurrence of the disease.

Dr Kapadia's book is a must read for the physician as well as the patient.

E. Murat Tuzcu, M. D. | Professor of Medicine |
Vice Chairman, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine Cleveland Clinic |
9500 Euclid Ave. | Cleveland, OH 44195 USA

For last 28 years in a row, Cleveland Clinic, USA is rated # 1 in Heart Care.

Prof. S. C. Manchanda
Prof.S.C.Manchanda Dr.Ramesh Kapadia's book "Heal Your Heart" is an excellent work on holistic approach for preventing heart disease, the leading killer of mankind at present. With his vast experience in his technique of Universal Healing Programme he has emphasized that the best way to control heart disease is to combine our ancient wisdom (yoga meditation etc.) with modern medicine. There is a lot of scientific support for this approach including our own research studies on Reversal of Heart Disease. This unique book has been extremely well written in a very simple language and should be of immense benefit to both the medical practitioners as well as general public. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in preventing heart disease and wants to lead a happy and stress free life.

Prof.S.C.Manchanda MD,
DM (Cardiology)
Senior Consultant Cardiologist - Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,
New Delhi Former Head, Department of Cardiology- AIIMS,
New Delhi, India, Padmashree Awardee of President of India

Narayan Sheth
I was introduced to Dr. Kapadia in 1994 with a history of triple vessel blockage and advice for immediate bypass surgery. I promptly earned from him a totally reassuring prognosis of active good- quality life with the UHP regime so convincingly presented in this book. I have since then led a healthy life in peace and bliss to be able to record gratitude at age 80. The rare combination of clinical wisdom and spiritual intuition incorporated by Dr. Kapadia in his unique craft of healing has enriched the lives of his large cohort of patients like me both as patients and human beings. I may add a related thought; I have exhilaratingly witnessed over the years how noble and fulfilling the practice of healing can be if it is practiced Dr. Kapadia's way.

Narayan Sheth (Ph.D.),
Former Director IIM Ahmedabad, India.